Batman Has Not Seen Batman

Really??! In a interview with Grantland, Michael Keaton admits that he has not only not seen any of the Nolan films, but he hasen’t seen most Batman films.

I’ve seen bits and pieces of them. Honestly, I’m not just saying this … I really kind of want to see the Chris Nolan one, because he’s so crazy talented, so I’ll keep saying, “I gotta go see that, I gotta go see that,” and then like everything I still want to see, [frick], I just forget. There must be a hundred movies out there. I’ll say, “I gotta go see that.” And then I never get around to seeing them. Or maybe I’ll see it later on television. I’m really bad at that. But I will tell you this: Every time I see clips of his movies, they look awesome. This trailer that’s out now? [frick], it looks unbelievable. He’s so talented.


Better get on it Keaton, you’re missing out!  To read the full interview where he talks about Heath Ledger and more click on the source below.


Source: Grantland