We may not be getting a Justice League movie until 2015, but we are getting the games. The Injustice: Gods Among Us game is proving to be an excellent twist on the Mortal Kombat using interactive objects and scenes to give advantage at beating your opponent. Now, they have Nightwing and Cyborg as another addition to the game. Nightwing is a gadget character and Cyborg is more of a power character. Gadget characters depend on their tools to be able to fight, where as power characters have their physical direct strength. Nightwing depends solely on his acrobatic and sticks to fight. Cyborg has the ability to throw things while using special moves such as his projectile weapons, missiles, and grapple gun to take you down. Cyborg has the most special moves with all his artillery. Whereas, Nightwing is a combo character who can lower their opponents health with multiple fighting moves in one. Both are just lethal characters in the hands of expert players. Check out the characters in the video down below.

Comment below on which character you would play.

Source- San Diego Comic Con (Gamespot)