Alrighty then, I think Batgirl is finally going to start picking up. I mean the first few issues were just about her getting into being Batgirl again and being able to walk with all the guilt that came with it. It was touching, but it was really kind of over done. I’m just happy to be rid of it. I do think that the “Night of Owls” tie gave Batgirl just a good running start to becoming more exciting again, thanks Scott Snyder! In Issue #11, Batgirl’s new foe  is called Knightfall (this has no relation to Bane what so ever) and Batgirl arrogantly takes on her foe’s minions with little artillery. You would think that two batrangs, one explosive smoke bomb, and grapple gun would make you say, “I’m out!” Nope, Barbara’s back to her ole cocky self trying wing her chances against meta-humans. Yeah, not going to happen.

James Jr.

For some part of the issue, Barbara’s brother, James Jr. (brother psychopath) is setting up his trap for Barbara by dating her roomate, Alysia. This dude is creepy as hell.  I was really hoping that he would start terrorizing his sister by now. I want to see some real havoc up in Batgirl, but I guess that story plot will come later. The art was decent, but I find that Ardain Syaf doesn’t really get Gail Simone’s style of story telling. I feel the suspense in the dialogue, but I don’t see it. I’m not knocking his art, it’s superb, but it’s not meshing well with the story. I find his portrayal of Knightfall rather bland. Rumor has it that Brett Booth designed Knightfall, but he has yet to confirm. Booth is a genius with his designs and I feel offended that Knightfall’s design appears so bland. I was really excited to see this purple clad figure with cloak and a red cross symbol on her chest.

Overall, this issue was “eh.” I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Batgirl Annual #1Batgirl #0, and when “Death of a Family” happens in Batgirl #14. I truly want to see Barbara have some serious story plot that develops and connects to her character. As well as see a proper issue be made out of Batgirl where I don’t seem like I’m dragging to turn the pages.

What do you think of this week’s issue? To see the design of Knightfall and Batgirl’s cocky fighting check below. For more reviews of this week’s issues, click the links below.


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