Bale and Nolan Look Back On Rises

We are now barely just a week under from release, and by this time everyone is looking back getting nostalgic on making the film.  Nolan and Bale recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly to talk about making the film.

We want this to be the most exciting film, the most emotionally engaging and enjoyable blockbuster that an audience can see this summer.”  Okay, not being biast or anything,  judging just from the trailers and from everything else that has come out this summer I think its safe to say that you have accomplished that goal Mr. Nolan.  This has become more that just a regular superhero blockbuster, its a real life take on a man who set out with a goal to make his city a better place.  He adds that its ” just an honest assessment or honest exploration of the world we live in.”

I’m very happy with it. I know it’s the film I wanted to make. It does all the things I really hoped for.  I look what everyone has done in the film and I think they’ve done a very good job — and I think I’ve done a good job not obscuring it.”

For Bale it was almost something that didn’t happen for him, as he stated that “you should recast,” after trying on the suit.  But we are glad you didn’t decide to back down from the challenge. “[Batman] afforded me a change in my life. And it’s up to me to make a hash of that.”  Batman is like James Bond, its like a sort of honor to fill the shoes and give your portrayal, welcome to the hall of fame Christian.  And it has done nothing but open doors for him, “Most actors desperately hope for work to come their way. Batman has given me the ability to say, ‘I don’t have to.’ I can choose, and choose wisely, and make the most of it.” For this an more you can pick up the magazine which will be on stands 2 days before midnight release on July 17th.

Source: EW