Well it seems like Dr. Crane may be in TDKR. This low res photo does bare resemblance. What will his role be? Judge, jury, or just plain ole Scarecrow? You suggest.

Check out more of the low resolution pictures down below.

Source- TDKR Facebook 


  • h4v0k_528491

    Why did you put the spoiler in the title? Thats okay i predicted this anyways

  • Geoffrey

    I predicted it long before anyone. lol


  • Tim

    Sorry guys, I think I’m going to have to stop checking the site until the movie comes out. Seeing Scarecrow show up in the movie would have been a cool surprise, and I don’t want to risk finding anything else about the movie until it’s release, which is so close. I’ll definitely be back to check the site daily like I always do after July 20th.

  • Honestly I dont even know if that is the scarecrow. Doesn’t 100% look like him to me.

    • Geoffrey

      It’s him.

      It’s going to be a cameo appearance.

    • The Orange Knight

      Wait… what? You mean Scarecrow or Cillian Murphy?? Because that is 100% Cillian Murphy you are seeing in that photo. My oh my I think glasses/contacts are in order good sir.

  • Haikus

    seriously kristina? on the effing title?

    • Kristina

      Lol. What’s wrong? Lol

      • ruledbysecrecy

        It’s a massive fucking spoiler, coupled with the huge picture of him… I saw it in the top bar and would not have clicked it,. but you ruined it anyway…

  • Dustin

    well Scarecrow was a “Judge” in Batman: Gotham Knight episode “In Darkness Dwells” where he sentences a Cardinal for helping the homeless. so I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a judge in TDKR.

    • Kristina

      Good points references. Nolan and his cherry picking ways. Damn you Nolan.