The epic conclusion to the “Court of Owls” story arc was just grabbing me at the edge of my seat reading it from the digital combo pack. Lincoln March was just beating the crap out of Batman while giving monologues. I mean March is just one of those villains who likes to hear himself talk. I mean jeez he could talk. Scott Snyder pulled out some real cool Greek and Roman mythology referencing to Eteocles & Polynices and Romulus & Remus. Both mythologies are about two brothers who created and ruled over popular cities such as Thebes and Rome, but one brother wanted more power over the other. This caused the fight between the two brothers hence, the fight between Lincoln March and Bruce Wayne over Gotham City and the Wayne dynasty.

The smackdown between the two was just a page turner and once you have started reading you can’t put down the comic until you know who has become victorious. Greg Capullo and Jonathan Glapion were just marvelous portraying the dark tones throughout the comic. The panels were just phemenonal especially, when Batman was chucked into a mirrored building by March. I mean I seriously thought, “OH! S***!” I could really see that in an animated feature or live action! You just felt all kinds of pain for Batman throughout this issue. That’s how amazing this issue was! Thank goodness, the Court of Owls is done with. I love the story arc, but I am stoked to see “Death of a Family” with the Joker.

What were your favorite scenes from this issue? What did you think of the ending? Comment below or on DKN Facebook. Below are some scenes from the epic smackdown conclusion of Batman #11. Enjoy! Stay Tuned for more reviews of this week’s comics for Batgirl #11 and Batman & Robin #11.