Time Out For DC After Rises And MOS

Well this might be a hard pill to swallow for many DC fans.  LA Times recently spoke with a unnamed Warner Bros. informat and there is a chance that we may not see another new property for at least 3 years, ouch.  This is not good news, especially when Marvel is putting out at least one movie a year and with good standing.  DC on the other hand does not have much going for them besides Batman which is being rebooted anyway and with this news we wont see it for a good while.  So right now all the chips are on Snyder’s Man of Steel to hold us over until said time.  Oh and Justice League won’t be seen until 2015 at the earliest which means that they will have to start working on it by the end of 2013 or early 2014.  This comes with the news that Nolan wont be involved in future Batman films or Justice League.  Here’s hoping for the best.


Source: LA Times

  • Personally, I find this to be very good news myself. I don’t think DC should be trying to play Marvel’s game in an attempt to keep up with the Jones’ as it were. They should focus on putting out a high quality story driven trilogy for Superman the same as they’ve done for Batman. Marvel’s movies are very corny and dull in my opinion. They lack good strong character development. If anything they are gonna cause massive comic book movie burnout. As a longtime Batman fan I think we should just be more or less thankful for this masterpiece we’ve been given. Justice has been done! Let our hero take a much earned rest for about a decade. Trying to follow hot on the trail of this beloved trilogy with an instant reboot is abit disrespectful in my opinion.

    • h4v0k_528491


    • they could be putting them out quicker, they just need to be smarter with the whos behind the creative aspect and making THE RIGHT choices for the title characters ( i like rr but not green lantern )

  • Matvei Leshchyov

    I don’t like other DC material other than Batman, so I am personally good with news like this.

  • borgster101

    Yep I agree, I think this is good news, no need to milk the franchises if there isn’t a good story to tell. Quality over Quantity any day!

  • bigt160

    Nolan always says that he won’t be involved unless he can create a good story. Don’t get worried folks Nolan will be involved in some capacity and they will reboot these franchises at some point. Especially with the money that’s made from this film.