This is the last trailer of The Dark Knight Rises, when we are able to get the video onto the site. We will show it. Until then, you have to go to the link below to watch the last trailer. Enjoy!

Source- Xfinity: TDKR Last Trailer 



  • Rise

    Never seen so many trailers for a movie before. We’re spoiled.

    • Stephen Doria

      Rise, I think a HUGE reason that we have seen a total of 6the trailers is because 3you of the six are sponsored (paid for) by another company. I just hope this cool new trend continues in the future for other films as well!

  • h4v0k_528491

    Thank goodness there isn’t anything new in this trailer

  • Geoffrey


    This trailer REALLY gives you a since of a grand scale, emotionally gripping, powerful conclusion! Fellow Batman fans, the wait, is almost over.


  • Nick Love

    I love the “It means we’re on our own” quote from gordon. reminds a bit of no mans land.

  • Javo

    The trailer is AMAZING. I cant wait to get my VIP ticket to see this one.

  • Matvei Leshchyov

    Great footage from this film! Especially Bane scenes. he looks even more cool in this trailer. I have much hope for this movie!

  • borgster101

    OMG OMG, I love how it shows a few scenes of Begins and TDK, really pushes that it will come around full circle!!

  • Javo

    Its official guys!!! Got my VIP tickets, and great seats!!! Cant wait muthafuckas!!!!!!!