Nolan Speaks on Shooting IMAX and Bane’s Voice

Nolan is a really specific type of filmmaker.  He does things according to his rules, not the norm and the results definitely yield great things.  At a press conference yesterday that took place at a Beverly Hilton hotel, Nolan shares why he likes working with IMAX.

What I love about it, as opposed to 3-D, is it creates a much larger than life image.  When you watch a 3-D film, the parallax makes it more intimate, it shrinks the imagery that you’re looking at.  I actually really like for these characters and these movies, I really like to see Batman larger than life on that enormous screen.  The clarity of the image really draws me into the movie, and I enjoy that.”  3D is more of an add on for a film, whereas IMAX is more of a upgrade.  3D is something that is popular with people these days just like it was in previous years in filmmaking, but its not always the best thing for film in my opinion and I agree with Nolan and support him with his use of IMAX.  He also adds “For me, IMAX is all about it’s [being] the best possible quality image when you film with their cameras and project that film in their theaters on those huge screens. There’s really no other way to do that with any other imaging technology.”

But the relationship with shooting IMAX can be difficult, “So for the IMAX scenes, because the IMAX cameras are incredibly noisy, you’re then really in a position where what we would do on the set is immediately do a take without running the camera. And that way you’d get [the actors’ voices] in the costume, in the physical positions that they’re actually in when they’re performing the scene. And those you can sync up very well to picture.”  So its really the actors performance right there on set in costume that you are getting, specifically when asked about Bane’s voice, “Some things are clarified and cleaned up. But we try to be true. I’m not really a big fan of ADR, so we try to be as true as possible to the recordings we do at the time.”

Bane hasn’t been problem for me personally since the prologue and hearing him talk in all the trailers and t.v spots.  If anything it only adds to the character.  So what do you guys think of Nolan preferring IMAX over 3D?  Were you happy or mad when you found out that Rises wouldn’t be shot or converted to 3D.  And what are your thoughts and hopes on Bane’s voice?  Sound off in the comments below and for the full interview hit the source link below.


Source: HitFix