Scott Snyder held an interview with Newsarama and WOW, what a treat he has in store for us in October. The story arc is called, “Death of a Family.” It focuses on the psychological and the brutality of the Joker. Snyder calls this story arc his “love letter to the Joker.” What you should expect from this story arc is that there will another tie-in for the Bat-family where the Joker will not only attack Batman, but the other members of the Bat-family. Nightwing, Batgirl, and Batman and Robin are going to be tied into the Batman story arc. There might be other comic books tied in, which was similar to the “Court of Owls” story arc. What mayhem the Joker will bring to the Bat-family and to Gotham City is that he has a secret to tell that will cripple everyone. He has set up traps and planted some real struggles for Batman. The story arc will run from Issue #13-17. Issue #17 will be an annual edition to the conclusion of this story arc. So, this October is going to be hell!

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Source- Newsarama