For a while now, Detective Comics has been iffy in my book. I mean in the last issue, Detective Comics #11 that came out this week with their new villain, Mr. Toxic. I mean what a freaking name! Toxic, really, for a guy who is dealing with radiation? I would have preferred Helium, which sounds more menacing than Mr. Toxic. Please! Anyway, John Layman will taking over Detective Comics as my peer writer, Adam, stated “They need to change things up.” Thankfully, they have with Tony Daniel leaving after his run in October. Layman will take the stage. I just hope he is more willing to give Detective Comics a decent run. Here is what he has to to say in taking over:

“I am trying to do this like “Chew” in that every issue will be a case or its own self-contained adventure. I am not a huge fan of decompressed storytelling where you spend three or four bucks and you get one scene of one guy doing one thing. I am going to try and satisfy everyone, every issue, while leading to a bigger story.”

What a sigh of relief! I can fart now. Yup, expect more on John Layman from his interview with Comic Book Resources later. For now, we can all sit back and wait to see what Layman has in store for us. Until then, we have more issues of Detective Comics with Tony Daniel.

Source- Comic Book Resources