The New 52’s Batman #0 is going to be a nice wait for comic book fans who are dying to see what Scott Snyder (writer) and Greg Capullo have up their sleeves in portraying young Master Bruce in Issue #0. Ole Brucey Bruce is rocking hard on a high tech motorcycle, which probably courtesy of Mr. Lucius Fox’s Applied Sciences at Wayne Enterprise. I must say I am stoked to see Capullo’s work at hand especially when in there will not a Batsuit involved in this issue. I know right! No Batsuit, what the hell?! Yup, no Batsuit just simple ole Brucey Bruce. If you have not seen Bruce’s high tech motorcycle you can click here Batman #0: Rock Hard Ride Free.  Make sure you check out Capullo’s work on the younger Bruce below.  Comment below or on DKN Facebook about how you feel about not seeing the Batsuit in Issue #0 or Capullo’s work on the younger Bruce.

Source- Greg Capullo (Twitter) 




  • The Orange Knight

    I would love to see Snyder’s take on the younger years of Bruce Wayne a la Year One. Hopefully once the craze of the New 52 wears off they can give him cart blanche to either retell the younger years of Bats.

    • Kristina

      I’m not sure. He is quite talented to it. But I think Snyder will deconstruct and change up Bruce’s origins. I do believe that he enjoys Batman: Year One from Miller’s work. He kept the idea of the bat flying thru the window part. So, he may not want to go ahead and redo that.