Batman vs Wolverine


Have you ever wanted to see the two heroes battle it out to the death? Well thanks to the fanboys & fangirls at BatInTheSun who have created a live action simulation of the battle. This is a match you don’t want to miss. So will The Dark Knight win? or will it be the invincible Wolverine? place your bets and check out the video below.


So did you win the bet? Tell us in the comment section below. Also please subscribe to BatInTheSun on YouTube and bookmark their website because there are plenty more iconic battles to come.




BatInTheSun (Youtube)

SuperPowerBeatDown (Website)


  • Geoffrey

    That was a bit biased. lol

    Overall, I think it was rigged somehow just so we could all see those lovely ladies duke it out with pillow’s while wearing sexy outfits.

    In that respect, I say thank you VERY much! lol Didn’t like the outcome of the Batman & Wolverine fight though. Batman would never put himself in harms way like that. Especially against someone like Wolverine. Batman, as we all know, is quite brilliant. Batman is very close to Bruce Lee levels in hand to hand combat.

    I think Batman would work on making Logan lose his cool before completely taking him out. While ducking, dodging & evading Wolverine’s adamantium laced claws, Batman would frustrate him repeatedly with jabs, uppercuts, elbow strikes, knee strikes & kicks until he fully knocks him off his vertical base.

    Then once Batman has him where he wants him, he would hurl tons of exploding batarangs at him. Batarangs that would cut deep into Wolverine’s skin. He would perfectly time each exploding batarang to go off each & every time Wolverine heals & tries to get back up.

    While that’s happening, Batman would vanish ninja style with yet another incredible notch on his Utility belt.

    Just my opinion. lol

    I enjoyed the video here. Thanks for sharing. 🙂 It was fun & very entertaining! The Batman & Wolverine outfits looked awesome & the actors playing Batman & Wolverine did a good job.