JUSTICE LEAGUE: Alien Invasion 3D

WB Movie World is in the works of making a Justice League ride in 3D called JUSTICE LEAGUE: Alien Invasion 3D. Now, this is a classic scenario for the Justice League where they will have to save the world from alien invasion. I wonder how Batman will be incorporated into this ride. I mean he is human with some really hot toys to take down anything in his path. Will they incorporate the Bat into the ride? A girl can dream…but as a rider you will have a laser blaster and will be in a transportation pod that will keep your score of alien kills and will move you to the next destination. Basically, you will be fighting side by side with the Justice League. More or less you will be this big brolly looking dude with a gun. This guy looks a little bit like Cyborg…I wonder.

The anticipation for this ride is mediocre, which is decent. I think after TDKR, the ride will be highly anticipated. Especially, since we will also be getting a Justice League movie.  This ride will be coming out in September.

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Source- WB Movie World