Since Grant Morrison came with his views on Batman being gay. I am sure some are offended by his comments, but Morrison is just a really funny guy who just gets a good laugh out of the sheer irony of his jokes. He is pretty much the guy who laughs at his own jokes. Still, Morrison is a hell of a writer and his writing is superb. Comixology is selling digital Batman comics for $ 0.99. There are select few and I am not sure how long the sale will be but, I just caught onto it myself. Here are some of the digital Batman comics on sale now and ready for a midnight read:

  • Batman RIP #676-683

  • Batman and Robin #1-8
Morrison also wrote Batman Inc. I think it is fantastic for these comics to go on sale for $0.99. However, some believe that having a hard copy is more suitable. I think digital comics are good for those who just want to read the works and move on. If you want to get the story arc and keep them for sentimental value or to invest, then I say go get them while they’re still cheap.

Comment below or on DKN Facebook, if you have forgiven Morrison on his Batman comment. Is Morrison still a good writer in your eyes? Would you pick up these digital Batman comics? Do you think digital comics are killing hard copy comics in stores?

Source- Comixology 


  • EBo

    I politely disagree when it comes to Morrisons talents ! Hey Kristina have you noticed your the only writer who gets comments ? I think you have Batman groupies LOL !

    • Kristina

      What do you disagree with?
      Ebo, when I get comments, the whole team does. I see that way. If I have Batman groupies, then I’ll say this…YAAAAAY >_<!

      • EBo

        I am just not a fan of his stuff ARKHAM ASYLUM is very overrated .

        • Kristina

          i would agree w/ that but i want to still give a try.