Young Justice Court: Girl Power!?

(Please Note: The following article is an opinion piece from our writer Stephen Doria. While we fully support our writers views, it does not represent the views of everyone at the site)

Welcome to the third edition of Young Justice Court!  In case you do not know, Young Justice Court is a weekly update that discusses, reviews, and dissects the television show Young Justice, on Cartoon Network.

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Normally, after watching an episode of Young Justice I am left gushing at the great story writing, good use of characters, and snazzy art.  However, after watching this weeks episode I am left with a different taste in my mouth.

Up until this point in the story, especially with the second season, there has been an addition of a lot of new characters.  These characters have added to the story, but after watching this weeks episode, they are really starting to just convolute it.

Blue Beetle’s side story was an obvious play at getting to know his character and his struggles with the beetle on his back.  However, without much success, he just starts to become a whiny child, constantly talking to himself.  It really did not add much to the overall storyline, and seemed to serve as more of a story filler.

When we move onto the second part of the episode’s story, with Alpha team, you get a bit more reason.  But to me it almost felt cheap and sexist to have to point out it is an all girl team, and then on top of that, to make them fail horribly and quickly at their mission.  Even with pulling things together in the end, you could only feel that there had to be a hundred other ways that they could have managed that mission.

Also, still with that Alpha team, the story really does convolute itself by having said mission be basically a waste of time.  Would it have not been a better idea to let them take the children to their destination?  At least then you could have the element of surprise still, and know who at least ordered them.

I am not saying that I hated this episode, I just expect more from the writers.  They have done a fantastic job up until this point, and I just hope that this episode does serve an unforeseen purpose in the story arc.  And if it does not, I can only hope that it was only a stumble and not a fall in the writing department.