The lovely Emma Thomas, wife of Christopher Nolan and producer of the Batman trilogy, has been the go to woman releasing snippets of The Dark Knight Rises. She is as hush-hush as a covert agent with the codes to begin the next World War III, but maybe I am making her too much of a big deal. I do think that she does not get enough credit as producer or as the face of the post-production of The Dark Knight Rises releasing bits of the movie for the fans. In an interview with Collider , she gives away some tibits about the movie at Pittsburgh where Bane (Tom Hardy) makes his epic speech at the Steelers’ stadium:

Collider (CL): So is this Bane’s introduction in the movie?

Emma Thomas (ET): No, it’s not his introduction. This is the moment, though, where he makes his plans known.

Basically, when Bane makes his speech at the Gotham Rogues’ Stadium, he is revealing his plans to take down Gotham City. This might be presented during the middle of the movie. Is not like every Batman villain who wants their victims to know what they will be suffering? Sadists jerks! Thomas continues her tibits with Collider discussing location, the aesthetics of the movie, how fast technology is, and the difference between The Dark Knight andThe Dark Knight Rises:

(CL): One of the things that people have remarked on is that you’re shooting so much in the daytime. Is Chris going for a different visual aesthetic on this one?

(ET): It’s definitely a different aesthetic. Once again, we didn’t want to just be repeating the same old thing. I don’t think anyone would want to see just the same old thing and it certainly wouldn’t be any fun for us to tell the same old story. Visually, I think the same thing applies to that. It’s meant to be winter in Gotham, so that right there is going to lend a whole different look to the film. So far, we have shot rather more in the daylight than we did in The Dark Knight, but we’ve got a lot of nights coming our way, too.

(CL): What are the pros and cons of being here in Pittsburgh instead of Chicago where you shot the first two movies?

(ET): It’s great to be in Pittsburgh. We’re having a really great time here. One of the biggest reasons we came here was that Chicago…we had a fantastic time there and we loved it, but we literally have shot every inch of that city. As I said, we don’t want to be retreading old territory, whether that be visually or in terms of the storyline. We want this to be a stand-alone movie that just doesn’t feel like something anyone’s seen before. Gotham is meant to be a massive metropolis; it’s meant to be a huge city. I think we felt like if we went back to Chicago we would be limiting the scope and we just wanted to make it feel massive.

(CL): There are locations in India, too?

(ET): Yeah, we shot a small piece in India. We’ve been all over the place. We’ve done India, England, Scotland, here, and going to L.A. next, and then New York.

(CL): What about the choice of Bane for this movie, which is obviously very different from the Joker. The Joker was very intelligent, very methodical…you’d imagine Bane to be all brawn. Was it deliberate to go that rout with this movie, to be more action based?


(ET): That’s something that Chris can speak to a little bit more than me, and probably Tom, too. I think that’s one of the interesting things about Bane as a choice. We were obviously never going to revisit the Joker and you don’t want to be trying to chase that. So it’s fun to have a very different sort of villain in this and a different sort of challenge for Batman to meet, much more physical. It’s almost a more even match in some ways, you know, in a physical sense. You just don’t want to do the same thing again.
(CL):You’ve got another very iconic character, probably the next biggest after Joker, one would argue, although you’ve not actually said she’s Catwoman anywhere…

(ET): We haven’t, it’s true. As we were just saying, there’s so little that we can control about what goes out there at this point. It’s actually quite nice to not give everything away.
(CL): Those pictures went out yesterday, didn’t they? The first pictures of Anne (Hathaway) as Selina Kyle?

(ET): Yeah. Exactly.
(CL):Did you feel you had to release those pictures after some of the photos had been taken on Twitter, just to have more of an official image?

(ET): We knew that we were going to be shooting outside on those steps and we knew it wasn’t going to be Anne, because it’s her stunt double who does that. We weren’t going to send Anne down on that part. We’re not often reactive, but we were trying to be proactive there. We didn’t want the first still out there of Anne…of the character, to be the stunt person; we wanted it to be Anne herself.

It seems like this discussion has been done before. Still, the interview was good enough to have some verification of where the movie might be taken place. At least we know that the stadium speech takes place well into the movie and that is just delightful for us theorists. I cannot wait what you guys have in store for more theories.

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Source- Collider