The Dark Knight Rises Trailer 3 Special!

Matt here and it’s here..The Big Trailer 3 Special!  We give our impressions, theories and then break down the trailer frame by frame.  I think it’s funny that a trailer that is shorter than 4 minutes can spawn a podcast that’s over 2 hours! But we were excited..heck this podcast is almost as long as the actual Dark Knight film! But we left no stone unturned and there is probably not a trailer analysis as in-depth analysis as this special. SO ENJOY 🙂

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  • Woah – great stuff. Enjoyed every moment. If this is the length of the podcast for the trailer, I can’t imagine the length when the movie is released! Well, it’s gotta be a two-parter at least.

  • h4v0k_528491

    For me i believe it will beat batman begins and the dark knight bc nolan said he wouldnt come back unless he came up with a great idea that is going to b better than the others. I think anne hathaway has proved herself very well and wikl be a good and convincing catwoman. And i think everyone looks great

  • lol don’t worry man, my coworker and I spent the entire work day talking about this trailer when it got released. That’s the great thing about a movie like this.. it generates great conversation all around.

  • Nin3rsfan707

    You guys kind of just passed over the part with the man falling down the well..Could it be when Bruce gets his back “broken?”

    • We kind of thought it was either Bruce trying to climb up and falling or it looks like a ninja..but yeah im thinking its Bruce. But I think Bane is the one that breaks him not the well. The well is what he has to climb out of also a metaphor: his fear from Begins, the well he fell into and saw the bats, his original fear. He must rise and overcome to win Bane.

  • Nina

    Chris Nolan is EPIC!!!!!

  • I don’t know why you all are trying to piece clips from the trailer together. Ex: (linking the guy hiding under the table to the masqueade ball) That under the table part is very likely from an entirely different scene that you dont know about.
    Another Example (Catwoman lookeing through bars and Batman looking through bars: so evidently they are looking at each other? even though Anne is looking down and batman is looking level) Maybe they are both two completely different scenes
    Do you realize that there is probably so much that has not been shown?
    I know this is all speculation, but you never even aknowledge that a scene in the trailer could be part of something that you havent seen yet, instead you try to connect it to some other scene in the trailer (Fancy man hiding in fancy house + fancy people dancing in fancy house= same scene? Come on the movie isnt 2 min and 30 seconds, its over two hours.
    Other than that, this was a pretty enjoyable podcast. Matt you have a great podcast personality.

    P.S. Please consider telling that one guy to at least give people a spoiler warning before he starts blurting out spoilery set experinces.

    • I do say in the start of it, that I think there is a ton of the stuff in the film that is not in the trailer, that Nolan is very secretive. We were just theorizing but your right alot of these scenes may not even connect to each other but just be edited in the trailer that way. However on the same token maybe they are all from close together scenes or the same scenes and again they do line up but still what we see is only a small chunk of the film. Either way, what I’m saying is there will definitely be amazing scenes we wont see coming not in any of the marketing.

  • Dustin

    my theory on a few scene: Batman & Catwoman find Bane in some under ground prison type place, but Batman shuts the gate on Catwoman, he fights with Bane, Bane wins(it’s why he has part of the Cowl in his hands) Catwoman escapes only to be caught by the GCPD at some point, she gets questioned by John Blake, then she gets sent to prison…a little sketchy on the last part but that’s what I think is going to happen.

  • Jase

    When Selina is looking through the bars, you guys didn’t mention – or notice – that there is a hand on the left, grabbing the bars. She’s looking down to batman, and he’s probably on his knees, beaten.

  • One-Eye

    2 hours for 2 minutes of trailer… hmm… sorry dudes, i think i’ll pass this time.

    Sorry! I’m bitter these days, WB is screwing things up IMO… lame merch and stuff…


    Great analysis. I have a theory that in the end, Bruce will hang up the cape and cowl.In TDK, there is a lot of talk with Rachel that there will be a day when there will no longer be a Batman. Bruce is fine with giving it up as long as he knows there is someone better than him that can keep Gotham safe. John Blake looks like a guy who is inspired by batman and joins the police. Bruce will realize that Blake can be the man with a face. Therefore, Bruce will defeat Bane and then Gotham will restore itself with a new beginning. Blake as that white knight.

  • Geof

    Wow, Matt… that was a real dickhead move taking the sticker. I read countless stories of people spending hours looking for the things & ultimately giving up pissed because people like you just couldn’t think of anything but themselves. Hope you enjoy the sticker on your car & all the recognition it brings.

  • Interesting theories. I jumped ahead when the talk got into spoiler territory.
    I’m not sure about that sticker move.

    And now for my shameless plug.
    Check out my breakdowns of the last two trailers.