Tim Burton Admits Nolan’s Batman Films Out Perform His

Hindustan Times talked to British director Tim Burton a little on his thoughts about the Batman films from his run to Nolan’s latest run . Burton talked on how he thought his films were dark until Nolan came along and revived the franchise . Burton also talked on the subject of Catwoman . From  Michelle Pfeiffer to Anne Hathaway in their portrayals . Helena Bonham Carter longtime partner stated her preference to Pfeiffer’s performance as Selina Kyle in Batman Returns.

Tim Burton : “I always get told that my material is dark, but nowadays my version of Batman looks like a lighthearted romp in comparison to Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight,” he said.

“For me, her version of Catwoman was one of my favourite performances on any movie I had worked on. I remember how she impressed me by letting a live bird fly out of her mouth, learning how to use a whip and dancing around on rooftops with high-heel shoes on . She did all that stuff for real,” he added.


Source – Hindustan Times

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