New Nolan Interview

The Director Guild Of America have posted a really great interview with Christopher Nolan about his directing process.  Everything from pressure from the studio to go 3d, his love of IMAX, to shooting on film while everyone is moving to digital…it’s all covered. Here’s a quote about Batman Begins:

Q: What was it like moving from the $45 million budget for Insomnia to three times that for Batman Begins? How daunting was that leap?

A:I don’t know if other people’s experiences mirror my own, but for me, the difference between shooting Following with a group of friends wearing our own clothes and my mum making sandwiches to spending $4 million of somebody else’s money on Memento and having a crew of a hundred people is, to this day, by far the biggest leap I’ve ever made. It was a bit like learning to swim once you’re out of your depth: It doesn’t make any difference if it’s 2 feet or 100 feet down to the bottom—you’re either going to drown, or not.

Read the entire interview at DGA