Nothing says “I love you,” then a good needle in your shoulder by the person you are dating whom you have no idea is Batwoman. I kind of chuckled when I saw a small preview of issue 8, Batwoman gets her face smashed into a wall by Detective Maggie Sawyer (who has no idea that it is Kate Kane) and then Batwoman (Kate Kane) sticks Maggie with a needle not knowing it is Maggie. Hilarious! The preview is definitely showing that both women are definitely having a tough time trying to build a relationship that is based on secrets and blood shed. It is idealistic for Kate to think she can have her cake and eat it too, but in the Bat-universe…your relationships only last long as the person you are with is naive to your alter ego. Most of the time, our heroes pick the most headstrong, stubborn, and investigative dates/mates. They are bound to find out. Cupid is a son of gun! You cannot win.  NO CAKE FOR YOU!

Batwoman #8 is coming out next week, April 11th. Tell us about what you think will happen in this issue or how do think Batwoman/Kate should deal with Maggie? Leave your comments below or on DKN’s Facebook.

Source- Comic Vine