Batman Via Brazil

“Holy Brazil Batman!” Wait, nevermind.

Andre Luiz Pinheiro, 50 years of age, ex-Brazilain marine was asked by local police department of the city of Taubaté of Sao Paul, to dress as the Dark Knight to deter crime among minors, a growing problem they say:

Taubaté, which is in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo, has suffered from 12 murders this year and 72 last year.  In 2011, 450 young people were involved in crime and in the first two months of this year more than 114 have already committed some kind of offense.

Dressed in his classic all black uniform, the Dark Knight will begin patrolling the streets of the violent Taubaté neighborhood of Esplanade St. Therese. The move is part of an effort of UAPC (Advanced Community Policing Unit) installed in the neighborhood last year with the purpose of assisting the integration between the police and the community.

On his own mission, Andre had this to say:

“I’m very excited about the mission to attract children and teens to show how the character can help rescue values like family, study, respect for laws and rules of society, care, among others.”

“We realize that families are dysfunctional and this will be a way to rescue the children,” said Fabio Duarte, the director of Ciesp, the Sao Paulo center of industries.

A short video showcasing Andre prowling the streets can be found HERE

Source: Fox News Latino



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