Another Catwoman Suit in The Dark Knight Rises?

*UPDATE 03/06/12* (DEBUNKED: It appears that has uploaded the wrong toy images in the Movie Masters description. These are NOT toys from that toyline. Could still be TDKR but NOT from Movie Masters Toyline. I’ll update this with further Information!)


Movie Masters has released some of their 6-inch action figures for The Dark Knight Rises. What took everyone by surprise is the new Catwoman figure that has a ‘cowl’ & ‘boots’. Now some people will be skeptical about it being an actual suit from the film, but what they don’t know is that Movie Masters Figurines are known for being movie accurate. Also their designed with authentic detail and supreme quality. Read the press release below:


Batman Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters Catwoman Figure
From Christopher Nolan’s 3rd installment of the Batman trilogy – The Dark Knight Rises comes this ultra detailed, movie accurate Movie Masters 6-inch Catwoman action figure! This 6-inch scale Catwoman action figure is designed with authentic detail and supreme quality. The Catwoman action figure comes with a Batsignal piece!



nailbitter111 thoughts from Comicbookmovie says it best:

“My initial reaction was that this had to be just created for the toyline, but Movie Masters isn’t that type of company. Just look at the image below, this new Catwoman costume design is in the same series as movie accurate designs of Batman and Bane. The description itself, that you can read above clearly states, “movie accurate Movie Masters 6-inch Catwoman action figure.”


So does this mean we will have 2 Cat Suits in The Dark knight Rises? I hope so because that has never been done before on film and both suits are heavily influenced from 2 generations of Catwoman Suit History! –Brandon


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