Community Spotlight: Amazing Fan Made Opening Credits

The Dark Knight Rises – Opening Credits Project from Doğan Can Gündoğdu on Vimeo.

A pair of Christopher Nolan fans put their creative energy to use on the filmmaker’s upcoming sequel The Dark Knight Rises, and put together something special even Hollywood suits would be proud of.
Dogan Can Gundogdu and Gunisigi Cihangir spared no idea or expense in creating the following opening titles sequence for The Dark Knight Rises. It’s polished, thematically appropriate, and expertly put together. Though technically they forgot to use the new DC Comics logo, but I’m willing to look past that minuscule oversight.

The best part is the students created the sequence for a school lesson. I sincerely hope they got a perfect score.

-Chris Woodburn



I'm a BIG Batman fan. Back in the day I would write scripts and get my friends together to make Batman movies. From real Batman suits to a wide collection of Batman stuff from over the years I have never have grown up when it comes to Batman. I go to Comic cons and dress up in full Batman (Nashville's Dark Knight) gear and hang out with fellow comic fans and take pictures. Hanging out with friends is always a blasty blast when they can find the time or when I can. I'm a big movie buff or at least a little buff lol. I love the extreme activities. White water rafting, playing paintball, just about anything I can get into. I have been in a few different kinds of Martial arts. Sometimes I go hunting on the family farm but its rare. When I lived in Bell Buckle I was on the BBVFD for about 5 years --------------------------------------------------------------------------------