Community Spotlight: Batman Meets Metal

Hey all Matt here with a pretty cool new feature were going to doing more no the site: Community Spotlight! Where we feature stuff created by fans for fans about BATMAN! I found this video of the Batman Theme song by musician Totally METALED OUT.Here’s what he said about his song:

Happy New year!! So i went to a movie with my parents over Christmas and The Dark Knight Rises was one of the previews. I watched the trailer 1000 times before I saw it in the movie theater, but there was something about the big screen that boosted the Batman tune up a couple notches on the request list. There’s a chant in there that from the new movie, just for the info. Big ups for all the support, messages, comments, subs, fan art., donations, and suggestions. You guys rock casbah as always. Oh yeah, there’s a tab book out!!

Best to ya

Now some of the stuff we post wont be for everyone but we will try to post anything Batman that is cool. So if you got something or you find something Batman that you think is cool send it our way.