MATTvRYAN Batman Videos

Who else has the greatest fans than ‘Batman’? No one. Period. Well just to show you how great ‘BatFans’ can really be, here are a few videos from 2 Chicago Friends with the Passion and Balls of Steel to make their very own LIVE! Action Chicago-Based ‘The Dark Knight’ & ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Web Series! I wanted to share these videos with everyone because one of them, Ryan, is a good friend of mine and I would like for our fans to give both of them Love and Support for all the videos that they do for the ‘Bat-Community’. You can find Links to their Website, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter accounts below!








Part 1: BATMAN VS BANE ( Comic Con 2011) The Dark Knight Rises


Part 2: BATMAN VS BANE First Look In Chicago


BATMAN VS BANE Fight For Gotham


Part 3: Teaser Sneak Peek


Please Check out more of their videos & follow them on Twitter and Facebook in the links below:

YouTube: Ryan

YouTube: Matt

Website: MATTvRYAN

Twitter: @MattvRyan_com